Doctors Rodriguez Holistic Health & Chiropractic Institute

Doctors Maria Rodriguez, DC and Enrique Rodriguez offers is an integrative Chiropractic & Holistic Medical practice offering comprehensive supportive healthcare

Including Acupuncture and Spa Treatments

We Offer Services to All Ages from Infants to Seniors

We specialize in combining the best of alternative, complementary, and conventional medicine. We use gentle and natural treatments to help your body heal itself. These include osteopathic manipulation, homeopathy, and anthroposophic medicine. See the ‘Services’ page for more details on these and other therapies used. We treat people of all ages, with all types of chronic or acute health issues.

We have experience treating most types of medical condition, including (but not limited to): children’s diseases, ADD/ADHD, autoimmune disorders, hormonal disorders, migraines, back and neck pain, depression and anxiety, digestive diseases, skin diseases, cancer, allergies, influenza, ear infections, bronchitis, etc.

Our treatments do not interfere with conventional drugs or other treatments you may be using. We are happy to work with your other doctors when needed, and can provide them with information about our treatments as necessary.

Holistic Health Care!

Before customizing a treatment plan we begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your range of motion, strength, endurance, coordination, and balance.

We involve you in every step of your treatment, education you about the underlying causes of your condition and teaching you exercises and prevention strategies that you can continue to use at home once your time with us is concluded.

Get Back To Life!

Doctors Rodriguez & Rodriguez and their experienced professionals here are ready to help get you back to your life in the fullest. To work, to play, and to life with custom outcome-based care plans designed to get you pain free and moving again!

We have flexible schedules for any need, and flexible payment plans for any budget – ask our understanding team about your needs.

Call us for an appointment today!

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